Dear prospective sponsors,

We are pleased to invite you to be part of International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering – CMBEBIH 2019, which will be held in Banja Luka, May 16 – 18, 2019.

This is professional and scientific conference aimed at sharing ideas, experiences, the best practice and the latest research in the field of medical and biological engineering as well as all other related areas. The conference is supported by the most renowned world organizations such as IFMBE, EAMBES, IEEE, ESEM and Springer.

After the outstanding success achieved during the organization of the 2015 and 2017 conferences, we managed to brand CMBEBIH conference as the largest conference in this area in the south-east Europe. So, with CMBEBIH 2019 we aim to go even step further and platform for both scientific and business discussions on the latest challenges in real sector, research and innovative solutions in science all with the aim of improving the quality of health care and life as a whole.

The project will be implemented under the slogan ‘Share the Vision’ and we expect to host more than 500 participants from all over the world.

We hope that you will find our mission and vision compatible with yours, so we can together contribute to the development of our society, as well as scientific and research community.

We are at your disposal! Contact us by e-mail: dmbiubih@gmail.com or by phone: +387 61 213 599.

Best regards!

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